Dmasun Fiber Cotton 2010 New Green Sticky Yoga Clothing, Style A

Dmasun Fiber Cotton 2010 New Green Sticky Yoga Clothing, Style A
$339.99 (USD)
$169.99 (USD)

Product Description

Product Features:
>> Vogue yoga clothing style and free with chest pads
>> Good fabric for sport
>> Feel good when wearing
>> The perfect fusion of fashion and profession.

The price is only for the costume, excluding the accessories.

Model: DMS-1001
Commodity: Dmasun fiber cotton 2010 new green sticky yoga clothing (get chest pads), Style A
Brand: Dmasun
Ingredients: 94% viscous fiber cotton + 6% spandex
Fabric Features:
1. Sticky fibers known as rayon, viscose filament, is derived from the natural cotton fibers, the treatment of advanced science and place of impurities, purification of cellulose, stretching through the cluster to form a continuous, thin, white the filament, and then processed after processing textile fibers made of. Viscous fiber all-natural raw materials and sophisticated manufacturing processes to give its distinctive personality and style, so stick fiber enjoy "the nature of cotton, silk quality" reputation. Now the market for high fashion, trend clothing, almost all of the above festooning the label marked sticky fiber content.
2. Yoga clothing containing 6% spandex, it has very good flexibility, tensile strength strong, flexible lower than the average sport clothing shortcomings, is more suitable for the completion of the various yoga movements. Material grade, smooth feel and wear like skin on the body as natural. Feel good after wearing vertical, personal comfort, the perfect fusion of fashion and professional.

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