Classic Silicone Swim Cap (Multi-Color)

Classic Silicone Swim Cap (Multi-Color)
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Product Description

Product Features:
>> Top quality silicone and 100% PVC free swim cap; comes with a carrying bag
>> Resistant to hair snagging and tearing
>> Allows head to breathe for a more comfortable fit
>> Extra durable light weight and elastic
>> Great cap for recreational swimmers.

Model: SCG-1001, Silicone Composite Multicolor Swim Cap, Swimming Accessory
Size: 8.66 inch x 7.48 inch (22cm x 19cm)
Color: available in black, white, lavender, silver gray, pink, orange, royal blue, cambridge blue, medium blue and gold.
Material: Silicone

Long-time swimming in natatorium will be always harmful to swimmer's hair. Keep your hair under wraps when swimming with our silicone swim cap and protected from harmful pool chemicals.
Our silicone caps feature soft, silky silicone that is quick and easy to put on and take off without snagging hair.

Recommended features:
1. Top quality silicone, 100% PVC free.
2. Protects hair from pool chemicals.
3. Extra durable, light weight & elastic.
4. Silicone allows head to breathe for a more comfortable fit.
5. Soft, silky and tear-resistant.
6. This durable, pliable cap can be stretched to more than its original size.
7. Quick and easy to take on and take off without snagging hair.
8. Great for recreational swimmers.
9. Cap comes packaged in a bag.

1. No Cleanser.
2. Wash your cap by water after usage; Keep it when it is dried.
3. Keep away from insolation.
4. Avoid scratching.

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