DHS HURRICANE-HAO Exquisite Control Table Tennis Blade (Shakehand), World Champion's Weapon, Double Happiness (DHS)

DHS HURRICANE-HAO Exquisite Control Table Tennis Blade (Shakehand), World Champion's Weapon, Double Happiness (DHS)
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Product Description

Product Features:
>> Hall of Fame Blade designed by DHS
>> Secret weapon used by World Champion Wang Hao
>> Top grade blade with excellent control and power
>> Great gift idea for table tennis fans

Brand: DHS (Double Happiness Sports)

Model: DHS-1038, DHS Hao (FL) Hurricane Hall Of Fame Table Tennis Blade
Level: HALL OF FAME  (X Star)
Handle: Flared / Shakehand/ Long Handle
Style: OFF+2.
Thickness: 5.6-5.8mm    Ply: 5  Material: Wood
Fitted Play: Loop plus quick-attack
Special: World Champion Wang Hao's Secret Weapon

Main Features:

Based on outstanding control, player could attack actively to win through transition on the table

Excellent performance of high elasticity, speediness and continuity on the table and bring high pressure to opponent

It's destined for W.T.T.C. champion Wang Hao.

About the manufacturer:

DHS (Double Happiness) is not only the largest table tennis manufacturer in China, but it's one of the national largest sporting goods suppliers. The company was founded in 1959 and is well-known and respectable in world table tennis field. Double Happiness (DHS), official equipment supply for 27th, 28th, 29th Olympic games, has its unique view point on the study of materials and formula, making technique, the mutual influence between table tennis and motor function. 

DHS ---- The official table tennis equipment supplier for:

The 30th Olympic Games (London,2012)
The 29th Olympic Games (Beijing,2008)
The 28th Olympic Games (Athens,2004)
The 27th Olympic Games (Sydney,2000)
The 51st W.T.T.C. (Rotterdam,2011)
The 50th W.T.T.C. Team (Moscow,2010)
The 49th W.T.T.C. Team (Guangzhou,2008)
The 48th W.T.T.C. (Shanghai,2005)
The 47th W.T.T.C. Team (Doha,2004)
The 47th W.T.T.C. (Paris,2003)
The 26th W.T.T.C. (Beijing,1961)
ITTF Pro Tours (2009-2012)
Men's World Cup (2000-2012)
Women's World Cup (2001-2012)

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